We work to identify the unique needs of each participant we serve

KCS seeks to create a residential support model that best suits each individual's diverse needs


Host Home

KCS works to identify the unique needs of each individual that we serve and seeks to create a residential support model that best suits their individual situation. The Host Home model of care offers a community integrated placement within a variety of residential environments. Community Host Home Providers offer 24/7 care for up to three clients within their own home environment.

We carefully screen our HHPs and complete an extensive matching process to determine the best setting for the individuals we serve. Clients can choose to live with a single companion, couple, or family which best fits their lifestyle. KCS provides supervision and support of the host home and further offers coordination of ongoing service needs. KCS affords access to agency support for our providers and consumers at all times.

Family Care Giver

KCS is keenly aware of the intricate roles that family members and long standing care providers often take in our program participant's lives. With this in mind, KCS views not only our direct agency consumers but also their natural support systems as clients of our services as well. KCS strives to work closely with family members and long-term care providers in order to provide the highest quality of care to those we serve.

Utilizing the Family Care Giver model of support, Karuna Care Services {KCS} will employ relatives who would like to provide care to their family member. This option allows the individual to reside in the family home and continue to receive comprehensive services. KCS also provides in-home, direct care employees as a supplemental resource to assist families in maintaining long-term residential services for their family member receiving comprehensive services.

Becoming a Provider KCS is currently looking for Host Home Providers

A contracted Host Home provider provides primary residential care and support, in their own home, for adults with developmental disabilities. Along with providing residential services, the responsibilities of a provider include providing meals, transportation to and from appointments and other activities, assisting with daily living and personal care, medication management, and providing behavioral supports in conjunction with a client's interdisciplinary team. Becoming a provider also gives you the opportunity to provided companionship and the opportunity for the individual to participate in social activities in their community.

Host Home providers are afforded work flexibility as independent contractors. KCS is keenly aware of the difficulties that can arise in being a primary care provider. KCS seeks to support primary care providers by affording flexibility in taking time away from care on a regular basis. KCS offers both in home and out of home supports for our providers ensuring only the highest quality of care is given.

All Host Home Provider applicants must be able to meet the following basic requirements.

  • Able to pass a Criminal Records check
  • Must be 21 or over
  • Live in a home that meets HUD and State standards
  • Successfully complete the Basic Training Course and First Aid/CPR
  • Complete QMAP certification
  • Maintain professional liability insurance and automobile liability insurance as required by law
  • Understand what it means to be an Independent Contractor/Host Home Provider
  • Understand and follow state regulations around providing services as an Independent Contractor/Host Home Provider